Christmas Cups Don’t Save the World

Mondays are my day off (and by day off I mean the day when I can drive my kids to school, get groceries, plan meals, go to the chiropractor, and maybe have a bit of time to myself) so I spent a little while on social media and discovered that people are losing their minds over Starbuck’s red cups. I never knew how important these cups were to people. I mean, honestly, they are cups. The only thing important to me about my coffee cup is that there’s coffee in it.

Here’s the deal, I don’t want to talk about cups because the whole thing is stupid. The deeper issue is that a few people (mainly privileged Christians) seem to be perpetually offended and when that’s what the world sees it does not paint a pretty picture of the church.

In my experience, most people I know don’t have time to be offended over silly things because we’re too busy saving the world.

Seriously. We have jobs to do,  mouths to feed and children to raise.

We have people to love, support and protect.

We care about justice, our environment and community.

We are offended by racism, poverty and greed.

Who has time to care whether their coffee cup has a snowflake on it or not when the world is facing the worst refugee crisis since World War II?  Not me. Not anyone I know. We’re too busy doing the hard work of bringing light into a hurting world.

And no amount of Christmas themed coffee cups can do that.



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